why choose us?

Why to Choose International Medical University ?

🔷 Has an international status:
The University is included in the directory of the World Health Organization.
🔷 Our university diplomas are recognized in the countries of CIS, India, Pakistan, USA and Canada;
🔷 Professional teaching staff.
Scientists from England, Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan visited here.

🛑🛑🛑 Advanced scientific base of IMU 🛑🛑🛑
🔷 The University has its own clinical base ′′ Teaching Hospital 🏥 Avicenna Medical “
🔷 Own Vavirus for laboratory animals.
🔷 Morphological Campus
🔷 Interactive table of Pirogov.
🔷 9 educational and experimental laboratories equipped with advanced innovative equipments are functioning.
🔷 A modern, full-scale typography is functioning.
🛑 At the moment, for the academic exchange of IMU has 7 contracts with international medical universities, which increases education and practice opportunities for IMU students.

✅ The most promising directions in our International Medical University!

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